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1453410cookie-checkOpen Discussion: June 11th, 2017

Open Discussion: June 11th, 2017

Today marks this week’s edition of the Open Discussion series here on OAG. If you don’t know, this Open Discussion series explores different subjects or topics about anything — but more so about video games — and allows you to say anything related or unrelated to whatever is being discussed.

That’s right, you can speak whatever is on your mind in this series called “Open Discussion” where your opinion is more than welcomed. This series usually explores different aspects of the gaming industry and the direction that it’s headed.

I should note that if any of your comments face any form of censorship in that it is removed or blocked, please let us know so that we can restore the comment back to what it was intended to be when it was first submitted.

Now that you know what goes down regarding the rules for the Open Discussion, it’s time to move on to this week’s topic: E3.

For some people E3 is just an event that holds no merits, while there are other people out there who really do enjoy the convention in that they have to watch or attend the event.

E3 not only offers insight on DLCs, expansions, new projects and game engines, but new games in general. The event can hype up folks and gamers alike, but it can also be a glorified event for sub-par games for some people. However it stands with you, the event is here and currently going on and showing millions of people different video games and other products through stage presentations, expo videos and booths.

So with that said, is there a particular game, product or event that you are currently looking for to appear at this year’s E3? If not, did you already witness “the big moment” and you are now waiting it out to get your hands on it? Or are you just not interested in the event? Whatever it is that is on your mind you are more than welcom to share it along with thoughts that are unrelated to this week’s topic in the comments below.

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