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1449820cookie-checkOpen Discussion: May 7th, 2017

Open Discussion: May 7th, 2017

Once again another entry in the ongoing OAG Open Discussion has come around as of May 7th. All topics are welcomed — whether they are random and unrelated, or regarding video games — and here to stay without any form of censorship.

Every week there’s an Open Discussion that covers something random about video games. This series can veer from video games and can move on to other mediums and topics — which is more than welcome in the comment section. This week, however, is about video game Remasters.

I’m sure a lot of you have wanted to play a game sometime back in the day or never had the chance to play a game but wished to play it as of today with better tech, but there’s no real way of obtaining it without dishing out a lump some of cash for an old system and a copy of the game. Well, remasters make it possible to play older games on newer tech without paying out an arm and a leg.

Usually remasters bring forth the same quality and gameplay that a title had originally back when it first released; unlike some remakes, which seem to garner mixed reactions like Final Fantasy 7‘s upcoming iteration.

The point is, a remastered version of a game can breathe life into a sleeper hit, a successful franchise or just a fun game in general that may have slipped by your radar.

Remasters are not only able to shine light on a game or series that may have become forgotten over time or that’s in need of a modern version, but they can also strike a cord among gamers and open them up to some of the gems from the past.

With that said, what remastered game are you looking forward to or what game do you wish would receive the remaster treatment? And remember it can be a list of games or just one game, or if you want it can be something unrelated that is on your mind.

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