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Origin Access is Free Until June 20th

Following the EA Play session this past weekend, Electronic Arts announced that from the time the conference took place up until June 20th later in the month, gamers will be able to access Origin Access for free.

More than 70 PC titles will be available for the next week. They also announced that there’s a 10% discount during the free trial for those who sign up over on the official website.

So long as you’re paying EA a monthly fee, you’ll have access to the games in their Origin Access library, including but not limited to Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, which was kind of a letdown compared to what the original achieved; FIFA 15, also known as the game that came out just ahead of the real life FIFA corruption case; Star Wars: Battlefront, the licensed cash-in edition; Titanfall: Deluxe Edition, or better known as the prequel to the follow-up game that was sent out to die under the suffocating market bosom of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare; FIFA 16, SJW edition; Mass Effect 1 through 3, or the Mass Effect games that weren’t designed to be $60 worth of sh*t; Unravel; Dragon Age: Inquisition, or the digital incarnation of Tumblr as a interactive entertainment safe space; and Need For Speed 2015, the one racing game where if you had to stop to take a piss you couldn’t because it didn’t have a pause button so you either had to lose the race or piss yourself.

All of those great games and more are available during the week long free access to EA’s extensive library of digital games on Origin for PC, which is basically the less expansive, and more oligarchical version of Steam. If you enjoy keeping EA in power, though, it’s a perfect outlet and opportunity to explore that option.

You can learn more about the free trial over on the official website or you can pretend this article and the news doesn’t exist.

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