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1428650cookie-checkOutlast 2 Demo Download Available For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Outlast 2 Demo Download Available For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Red Barrels’ Outlast 2 demo has been released out into the wild for public consumption. The 6GB demo is available on the Steam store, the PlayStation Store and the Xbox/Micosoft Store.

If you were hoping for some new kind of demo gameplay you might be disappointed because the demo offers nothing special here. It’s just a retread of the demo footage that Red Barrels have been using at conventions over the past year, this includes the early goings of the game where players take control of cameraman Blake Langermann as he and his wife end up on the farm of a cult group while investigating the murder and disappearance of a pregnant woman.

Langermann and his wife end up having to flee from the cult followers of Sullivan Knoth, as they prepare their rituals for the end times. You can get a look at nearly half an hour worth of gameplay footage courtesy of YouTuber Mr. Kravin. It features the Outlast 2 demo from start to finish as he attempts to survive the bloody antics of Knoth’s cult members.

The demo lets you play through the farm segment, investigating some of the houses and experiencing some of the horrors and thrills associated with the surreal experience.

Red Barrels have managed to do a great job creating a frightening atmosphere for the game. I’m still not entirely sure how much interaction is present in Outlast 2, but the demo seemed very walking simulatorish. There wasn’t a whole lot of interactive options and there didn’t appear to be anyway for the player to do anything other than run or die.

Outlast 2

Of course, this was just a teaser demo and the full game could drastically change depending on what they implement and how they implement additional gameplay features leading up to the 2017 release.

You can download the Outlast 2 demo from over on the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or from Steam. The demo is free to download.

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