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1434580cookie-checkOverwatch Oasis Map Provides Sombra With A Nifty Flying Glitch

Overwatch Oasis Map Provides Sombra With A Nifty Flying Glitch

When PC gamers get their hands on stuff the first thing they attempt to do is break it to see how it works inside. That’s pretty much what some gamers have been doing with the new Oasis map for Overwatch, which is currently undergoing much needed testing in the Public Test Realm.

A couple of days ago Blizzard launched the Oasis map for Overwatch in the PTR for PC, giving gamers an opportunity to help play-test and find all assortment of bugs and glitches in the map before they release in full to the public. Well, one user found a really silly (if not inventive) glitch on the Oasis map while playing as Sombra.

Instead of explaining the glitch, I think I’ll let Triangle simply show you the glitch.

Playing with a friend in a Skirmish mode, Triangle manages to glitch out of the dome using the cars to push Sombra’s translocater along the pathway of the highway at the far edge of the map.

Players with sufficient enough skill can then grab the translocator and throw it high up into the air, thus enabling them to spawn out of the way of the traffic. If you are fast enough to catch and throw the translocator, you can basically mimic Noctis’ throwing warp ability like in Final Fantasy XV.

It’s not an easy glitch to pull off, and Triangle even did a video where at first he did not succeed. Although, later on in the video he did manage to scale to the top of the skyscraper in the far distance.

It’s glitch videos like this that make gaming great… again.

The glitch using Sombra’s translocator will likely be cleaned out by the time the map is ready for public consumption. After the map is made right proper and glitches like this are removed you can likely expect to see Oasis made available to the rest of the Overwatch population.

Oh yeah, and Overwatch was named Game of the Year at the 2016 Game Awards show.

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