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1431710cookie-checkOverwatch Officially Unveils Sombra With An Intriguing New Cinematic Short

Overwatch Officially Unveils Sombra With An Intriguing New Cinematic Short

Blizzard Entertainment announced that Sombra will finally join the roster in Overwatch. The hacker is a high-skill level character with a short-range sub-machine gun and the ability to utilize stealth to her advantage.

Sombra was let loose to the public via a cool cinematic short that dives further into the lore of Overwatch. We find out some interesting new info in the intriguing CG movie that focuses on the crafty and self-serving Sombra. You can see the hacker in action with the video below.

It was kind of obvious Sombra was going to be a villain, but she seems to be an anti-villain, working to her own ends rather than being part of a collective effort of villainy. What those self-serving needs happen to be aren’t revealed, thus adding some intrigue to the character and the dangerous situation she’s played herself into.

The short film concludes by giving a look at the very masculine but lovable Zarya. She appears to be an enforcer for the Russian leader, possibly setting the whole thing up for a very interesting showdown between the various groups.

As for Sombra… we got to see some of her skills and tactics in play. Much like in the cinematic, the actual in-game character will share many of the same moves and abilities.

Overwatch - Sombra

On the official Overwatch website they go through some of her skills, including the ability to use an EMP to destroy enemy barriers and shields, as well as the translocator that we saw her use at the end of the cinematic that allows her to teleport back to the beacon, no matter where it’s placed (or what her current predicament is), and the thremoptic camo, which is just a fancy tech term for invisibility.

I’m still of the mind that Overwatch would make for a better animated series than a game. I still can’t get over how boring the actual gameplay is and how exciting the character backstories are and how intelligently crafted the world building is. It’s just a shame that it’s attached to such dull shooter.

Nevertheless, Overwatch is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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