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Overwatch’s Granny Sniper, Ana, Coming Soon

Culture critics who don’t play video games constantly complain that gaming doesn’t have enough diversity. They completely ignore indie titles, mid-budget games and niche sub-genres designed specifically for the multi-various gaming community that stretches across the world. Nevertheless, these complaints from these critics have been taken into account by Blizzard, and they’re showing up these critics by introducing just about every kind of character archetype that they’ve asked for, including a disabled, senior, woman of color. Her name is Ana.

They showcased Ana in a gameplay clip that stretches just over the minute mark, revealing that she’s the kind of character who likes staying right inside of the action by keeping her distance and using a sniper rifle to both kill… and heal. Check out the first trailer below.

He’s a support character with the ability to put characters to sleep, buff her allies and snipe enemies from a distance.

The comment section is full of granny jokes and old people jokes, especially regarding characters like Reinhardt and Soldier 76, both of whom are also up there in age, along with Reaper. Heck, a lot of the characters in Overwatch are probably more comfortable renewing their subscriptions to AARP than polishing their triggers.

Nevertheless, Blizzard wanted to give gamers a look at Ana before she was sporting her white hairs and patch. You can check out Ana’s origin story below.

The voice acting is top notch for these.

It sounds like Shohreh Aghdashloo could be doing the voice over but I can’t properly tell.

Ana has a pretty cool backstory that ties in with Widowmaker. It’s a shame that Blizzard has all of this lore spilling out of Overwatch but none of it is actually included in the game itself.

Overwatch - Ana

Also the artwork for Ana in that final shot of the video above is slicker than oil. Looks like something out of Metal Gear Solid.

But yeah, you’ve got to give props to Blizzard for managing to hit every single checkbox that the SJWs have cried about across social media. They can now say that a company never included these “diverse” characters in a mainstream game…. because Blizzard has. From bulky female body builders, to pudgy female Eskimos, to senior citizen snipers from the middle-east… they’ve got everything in there. They played the game of SJW Pokemon Tokenism and captured them all.

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