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Owlboy Guide: Here’s How To Find Some Of The Secrets And Achievements

If you are in search of some of the secrets, coins and achievements in D-Pad Studio’s Owlboy, hopefully this guide will help you out. Owlboy is out now for PC via Steam.

Before jumping into a three part video guide by Batista Harpu, let’s look over some of the achievements that are in Owlboy, which come in thanks to Steam user Tj.

Hot Spring Master:

After meeting Vellie for the first time go over to Toby’s hot spring and talk to him. He will tell you how to deal with the heat and you will get the achievement.

Bad Boy:

After Geddy joins your team for the first time toss him down the ledge and a cut-scene will play.

Good Boy:

You will need a new save when the Lute Player gets mugged by Twig — this happens while talking to Solus when trying to get to the Scientist house. Simply report what happen to Asio.

Music Master:

Talk to the Bongo man several times and he will play a melody for you. Pay attention to each note, which calls for you to put in Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right. Enter his house and play the bongos upstairs, after the code is put in you will earn the achievement and a key. You will be able to open a secret wall in Mesos before finding twig’s house for the first time.

Fight of the Boguin:

After you are done rescuing all three Boguin bros you will be able to unlock a cannon mini game. After hitting every single loop in the mini game you will get the achievement.


After acquiring the shell go over to Tropos and walk all the way to the far left to the tower. Once there you will see a little heap of dirt with some debris or rubble. This will grant you the achievement.

Oops… :

Beat Geddy up 1,000 times. Although long, you will be rewarded the Oops… achievement. Tip – back Geddy up in a corner and start the beating.

Ancient Memories:

Coin 1- in the Owl Temple, drop your sidekick and run to the far corner (highlighted red).


Coin 2 – Get Alphonse and go to Strato until you reach the location shown below. Go to the left until you reach a cotton area, follow this area until you see a giant tree with a rock archway near it. You should see the second coin.


Coin 3 – To get the third coin, jump to the right instead of the left and move off screen. you should enter into a room that looks like the header image.


Trinket Master and Trinket Grand Master:

Find and collect the Trinkets from Buccanary’s shop.

Treasure Seeker:

Find and collect Buccanary’s coins.

Treasure seeker Grand Master:

Collect all of the Buccanary coins.

You can watch all three videos by Batista Harpu, as seen below.

Owlboy is out now for PC. You can learn more about this game by heading over to Steam, or the game’s main site.

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