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Paper Mario Color Splash Gameplay Walkthrough

Intelligent System and Nintendo’s Paper Mario Color Splash rolled out for the Wii U in almost silent fashion. The new adventure RPG sees the paper version of Mario going on a new adventure, and gamers in need of a walkthrough can find one available right here.

YouTuber SwimmingBird941 posted up part of a gameplay walkthroug featuring some of the gameplay along with commentary. You can check out the first video in the series below.

The game starts with players in control of Mario, Toad and Princess Peach. The first thing you do is get your hands on a hammer and crash the crates for coins. The first major puzzle is jumping up on the red brick, pulling the yellow brick and hammering the blue brick, which is covered in the first eight minutes of the video above to activate Huey the floating paint can.

After Toad gets raped of his colors, Mario will have to jump in and fight the Shy Guys using Huey’s colors to paint the battle cards and then flick the card toward an enemy. You can also perform critical attacks by pressing the A button at the right time to do extra damage.

Hammering the environment will replenish Mario’s paint supply. Different environmental objects will render different supplies of colors for Mario. Red flowers will replenish Mario’s red paint supply. Green trees will give Mario both small amounts of red and yellow paint. Blue objects will give Mario a resupply of blue paint.

The second video in the list focuses on getting the first Paint Star at the top of the town square. The video highlights getting into as many battles as possible in order to level up Mario’s max paint counter, as well as how to get through the toilet paper segment.

The battle system is very similar to Baiten Kaitos with the card system, but once you defeat the Shy Guy and let the water flow on the castle wall, it will get the water wheel working so that Mario can get through the toilet paper so he can get access to the mini Paint Star at the top of the town square.

After getting the Paint Star, players will be able to venture to Ruddy Road after completing the Port Prisma Museum segment.

When you get to Ruddy Road there’s a house you can paint and after splashing it in plenty of color head around to the back where you can paint the back part of the house in order to complete the painted house.

You’ll need to go through battling the thieving Shy Guys while uncovering additional paint and coins, which culminates in giant chase involving the Shy Guys attempting to fold Ruddy Road in over Mario. After defeating the Shy Guys, Mario makes his way to Cherry Lake.

The Cherry Lake Toadie Squad Captain is looking for the rest of his group, and Mario will need to help. The course starts with a Toad in red falling off a bucket hanging off an airship and Mario must go and save him, but first he must get through a locked gate.

Huey teaches Mario the cutout technique using the ‘Y’ button to cutout certain areas in the level. You can use the GamePad to cutout the areas as highlighted on the pad.

You can use the cutout technique to get to the other side of the gate and then peel off the tape to open the gate.

Majority of Cherry Lake is simply gaining more battle techniques and combating lots of Shy Guys and turtles. You do learn that it’s possible to wring out just about any non-paper object by wringing it out with the ‘A’ button.

After getting the Blue Star from Cherry Lake, Mario heads to Bloo Bay Beach.

The hilarious part about Bloo Bay Beach is that it covers the controversial segment in Paper Mario Color Splash that had the net ablaze with talk over the possibility that the shufflegate segment had something to do with Zoe Quinn and the Five Guys scandal during the early days of #GamerGate.

The segment happens after you find the five Toads hiding around the beach area where you’ll be required to hammer them out to uncover their positions, which eventually leads to the Oceanfest contest headed up by a shady Yellow Toad who tries to screw over Huey and Mario.

After completing the quests in the Bloo Bay Beach it’s time to head to the Daffodil Peak, which is covered in great depth along with the other stages by YouTuber Beardbear.

In Daffodil Peak the first thing you’ll need to do is acquire a pass. Before you can get a climbing pass you’ll need to color in the room to help brighten up the lodge where the Toad ranger is.

Head onto the balcony and hit the box and then unfold the box that the Toad ranger is sitting on to bring his favorite chair back. Color it in and he’ll give you a climbing permit.

You’ll need to platform up the mountain while battling enemies along the way. It’s a straightforward area that relies on basic climbing and combat.

The next area is Sunglow Ridge, but you can’t get through the area just yet so you’ll need to head to Ruddy Road again, and then you can proceed to the Crimson Tower after you help the Toad Patrol.

When you finish the tower you’ll then be able to head to the Sunshine Ridge. This is a short little course that is fairly to the point, requiring you to battle through a few enemies and uncovering various secrets along the way.

You’ll find a special item box down below the bridge in the bushes that you can use to smash the bridge and unroll it so you can get to the other side. You’ll need to gather up a few more items, make your way across a few more bridges and battle a few Shy Guys and Goombas along the way.

For those of you who manage to get to the final stage of the game and need some help defeating the final boss after you complete the Roshambo Temple, there’s a final showdown with Bowser, who has captured Peach and has her watching over his throne as a blank piece of paper.

Mario will have to battle Bowser and attempt to beat all of the black gunk off of Bowser in order to defeat him. There are Black Lava Bubbles that will spawn during the fight, so it’s best to use multi-target hammer smashes to wipe out the Black Lava Bubbles so you can make quick work of them and even get in a hit on Bowser while you’re at it.

Taking out Bowser and his gunk is only half the battle. It’s not even his true form.

You’ll have to battle Bowser again after he amps up with some super gunk. The battle with the black painted Bowser can be viewed below.

In Bowser’s super form, you can’t defeat him normally because he regenerates his life. Huey, however, will assist you in battling Bowser by creating a usable battle card. You can use Huey as a shield to block Bowser’s attack and he will suck up the black paint during the attacks, weakening the king Koopa.

The whole fight will take around 10 minutes to complete. Keep in mind that Huey can only take 10 direct hits, so make sure you’re giving Bowser everything you’ve got and hitting him with criticals to dwindle his life down.

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