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Paragon’s New Trailer Spotlights Support Caster Hero The Fey

Folks that like to play Epic Games’ MOBA, Paragon, will find a new playable hero that joins the heroic battle on Agora. This new hero, The Fey, plays into the role of a support/caster, which seems pretty handy. Paragon is out now both for PC and PS4, and will gain The Fey on August 2nd.

Taking a look over to Steve Superville’s post over on the, a new hero was announced that looks like an upset version of Tinker Bell. Known as The Fey, she is all about manipulating the field to her advantage, which either inflicts status damage to an enemy, or opens them up for her teammates to finish them off.

I expect her to be very weak due to her filling the shoes of a caster. If you aren’t familiar with MOBA games or RPGs, a caster constantly casts magical spells that inflicts damage, heals/buffs teammates, or crowd controls, making a caster a must on a team raid.

As for her ultimate ability titled Fly Trap, she summons a large plant to drag opponents in and cause severe damage.

Moreover, like any other character in Epic Games’ MOBA, she, too, has a trailer that flaunts her skills off in a 59 second long video. You can also read the official description that Superville posted to the that tags along with the Paragon trailer:

“We’d like to introduce you to the latest Hero for our MOBA Paragon. We call this Support Caster… The Fey. She’s an entity who channels nature’s power in Agora. Get your first look at her below, and play The Fey as part of our update on Tuesday, August 2.”

For those excited for her, she will join the Paragon roster on August 2nd, for both PC and PS4. For more information on the character and the game, you can read the full post over on the, or visit

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