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1449770cookie-checkPenna Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Pre-Orders Are Now Open

Penna Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Pre-Orders Are Now Open

Elretron’s Penna Bluetooth Typewriter just wrapped up its IndieGoGo campaign today. The project managed to rack up nearly $500,000 in crowdfunding to bring the retro-themed keyboard typewriter to life. Pre-orders have also opened up for the keyboard over on the official Elretron website.

The Penna Typewriter Keyboard is described as “newtro” technology, introducing a new way to experience retro designs.

You can either get the keyboard in diamond shaped or chrome keycaps. The keyboard also uses the Cherry switch for key presses, and sports a macro bar on the side that allows users to save frequently used key combinations.

There’s six months worth of idle battery time, five color schemes, and Bluetooth for pairing support with up to five different devices.

You can see how the whole thing works with the market-friendly, and snazzily put together pitch trailer below.

Thanks to the Cherry MX switch design, it’s possible to swap out between the diamond and the retro keys. So if you want something more modern when you’re using the keyboard in a business or workplace environment, you can do so, or if you want to sport that retro aesthetic in your own personal downtime, you can use those keys as well.

The keyboard offers support for Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS devices. And since you can pair it with multiple devices at a single time, they allow you to use the function key with the F1 through F5 keys to switch between devices on the fly. You can also plug in just about everything from an iPad to a Galaxy Tab to a Windows Phone, and a bunch of other stuff in between.

They also promise up to six months of usage from the keyboard on two AA-sized Alkaline batteries. That’s some impressive mileage on the battery life.

The Penna Typewriter is available for pre-order for as low as $114. They have plans on shipping them out by September, 2017… later this year.

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