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1429760cookie-checkPhil Spencer Wants Xbox One Backwards Compatibility For OG Xbox Games

Phil Spencer Wants Xbox One Backwards Compatibility For OG Xbox Games

The Xbox 360 had backwards compatibility for playing OG Xbox games and the Xbox One has backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games. Well, now Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, is looking into adding OG Xbox support for the Xbox One when it comes to backwards compatibility.

The Escapist did a quick report on the news based on a tweet that Spencer posted up in reply to an eager fan asking about the possibility of seeing some of those sweet games from the early aughts version of the big black box appearing on the 2010s version of the big black box. Spencer’s reply was that it’s a possibility but it isn’t a priority right now.

This is great news for anyone who wanted to rekindle some of the great fun that the OG Xbox had to offer. There were a lot of awesome games on that system, from the original Halo and Otogi, to Panzer Dragoon Orta and Mech Assault 2, there was a wide variety of unique games on the system despite a lack of diversity when it came to genres such as RPGs and simulations.

I think the sixth gen of gaming had a lot of great opportunities to showcase the diversity in the OG Xbox, PS2 and GameCube that has sorely been missing during eighth gen.

Anyway, there’s no date on when we can expect OG Xbox support, but Microsoft has been timing new features for the system to coincide with major milestones or during the downtime between big AAA releases, so don’t expect to see the backwards compatibility support arrive until sometime next year during a seasonal dry-spell.

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