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1419020cookie-checkPirates Of The Polygon Sea Available For Download Through Early Access

Pirates Of The Polygon Sea Available For Download Through Early Access

Praxia Entertainment’s Pirates of the Polygon Sea has officially entered into Early Access on Steam. The game had a run in the Kickstarter space, managed to garner some clicks and hits while on Steam Greenlight and finally made its way onto Steam’s Early Access platform.

Players will travel the high seas, build up their own port town, make trades, discover new isles and even raid other rival pirate ships and merchant vessels.

The game is an action-packed, naval role-playing game where players will need to keep their cannons loaded, acquire specialty ammunition, throw burning oil at enemies and navigate through some rather dangerous sea-exclusive hazards, ranging from vortexes to waves that can capsize a ship, and of course the typical raging storm.

You can see what the gameplay is like for this isometric, strategic, nautical action title with the trailer below.

The game has been play-tested quite a bit by various well known YouTubers, with alpha builds popping up here and there to give gamers a look at what the diplomacy is like, what the naval travel and combat is like, as well as a early look at the town construction and commerce.

Players will be able to build and expand their docks for more and varied trading with foreigners and regular traders and barters, there’s the option to expand the marketplaces in order to make more bank from those coming to your little civilization to pick up the freshest imports or the most exotic poultry that money can buy.

The game is a lighthearted adventure fare, though, and you’ll encounter everything from pirates to mermaids to killer sea creatures to the legendary Kraken. You can check out some of the pre-alpha footage courtesy of YouTuber Blitzkriegsler.

Pirates of the Polygon Sea won’t be in Early Access for long. Praxia Entertainment plans on keeping it in the pre-release stage for only two months before releasing at some point at the end of summer.

They hope to add in additional music, ships, creatures, characters and environments within that time. It’s a lot for just two months.

The Early Access version will also be limited to single-player as they start off to iron out any bugs and make sure the game is content rich before focusing on the multiplayer. Something Comcept should have considered for Mighty No. 9.

Anyway, you can grab a copy of Pirates of the Polygon Sea for $15.99 from over on the Steam store. For more info on this seafaring adventure game, feel free to visit the official website.

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