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1409330cookie-checkPirates Of The Polygon Sea Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Pirates Of The Polygon Sea Launches Kickstarter Campaign

When I was a kid, I grew up playing the Uncharted Waters series, specifically, New Horizons. It was a game about merchants, pirates, and explorers that were out to map out all of the uncharted parts of the world, make a map of the four corners, and gain fame and glory for their new discoveries.

New Horizons was my childhood, and I racked up hundreds of hours playing it for years. So naturally, when I saw indie developers Praxia Entertainment’s new Online RPG, Pirates Of The Polygon Sea, I ate it up with gleeful joy to see another new large-scale open world adventure game coming to the gaming market, that takes place out on the high seas.

Just as the name implies, you will be able to play as a merchant traveling to make a bit of extra gold, or as a pirate to plunder other ships. Pirates Of The Polygon Sea will also have ship customization, as well as special skills and abilities to add a bit of strategic combat.

Pirates of the polygon sea The Kraken

Pirates Of The Polygon Sea will have a high fantasy element, allowing you to shoot fireballs from your ship, ghost fleets, or summon storms. You will also be able to have a base of operations to upgrade and create new buildings back in town to help you manufacture new ships, or research new skills and abilities. PVP will play a part in the gameplay, you are a pirate, so you will be able to plunder and raid other ships or bases to increase your wealth.

As for the fantasy elements, fireballs and ghost fleets aren’t the only thing you’ll come across while sailing the majestic seas. The Kraken has been released, and will terrorize anyone that crosses its path. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter it expect your ship to take heavy damage, or worse. As a final bonus, there will be dangerous weather effects and thunder storms which can damage your ship or even catch it on fire if you are unfortunate enough to get struck by a random lightning bolt. The developers official YouTube Channel released quite a few gameplay trailers to showcase what Pirates Of The Polygon Sea is like, so I linked two videos down below so you can see for yourself.

Multiplayer will not be forced upon players, you will also have the option to play single player if you choose to do so. The multiplayer will be a similar experience to the solo game, but will play out as a 6-8 hour skirmish where players build up their base and ships and attempt to either gain wealth or conquer their enemies.

If you are interested in seeing more of Pirates Of The Polygon Sea, you can check out their Kickstarter Campaign page for additional details. Alternatively, you can also visit their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote to support the game.

Pirates Of The Polygon Sea is still in development but it is coming along quite nicely, seeing how they have a large portion of the gameplay mechanics finished. The development team is looking for a fall 2016 release date.

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