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1425860cookie-checkPlatform Simulator City Climber Officially Greenlit For Steam

Platform Simulator City Climber Officially Greenlit For Steam

City Climber is a new Platform simulation game about, well, climbing around a city environment!

Imagine a rock climbing simulator, now place that concept in a more busy urban city environment. Developer SimpleGhost — AKA Ondrej Angelovic, has created a platform game that offers a variety of different challenges and puzzles for you to complete, ranging from climbing across metal support beams, climbing up the side of a factory, jumping over hazardous objects, and falling to your doom.

The graphics for City Climber are actually pretty simple and has a bit of a cel-shaded look, with the characters being box-like models with ragdoll physics. You will be able to upgrade and customize your character with different colors and hats, just to make your little City Climber look a bit more unique.

The controls are also simple, the right and left mouse buttons controls your characters right and left arms, you move your arms in the desired direction by moving your mouse and controlling the character’s arms. Once you release the mouse button, your character will automatically latch on to the nearest object and will attempt to hang on for dear life. City Climber also supports the use of controllers if you aren’t fond of the mouse controls.

While you are out City Climbing, just make sure to keep an eye on your environment because the city is loaded with a variety of deadly hazards that will challenge your City Climbing skills. The developer released a trailer to showcase a bit of the gameplay, so checkout the video that I linked down below.

Like playing with your friends? City Climber has multiplayer so you can play with your buddies. At the moment, there are only two mini games for you to play with your friends. The first game mode is the Leap Of Faith, you climb across the support beam and attempt to fall and land on the desired mark. The second mini game is a Crazy Cart game where you and your friends must balance the weight of the cart to keep it from tipping over as it races towards the finish line. At the moment, those are the only two multiplayer game modes but the developer says that more are on the way, and they currently have more than 30 different stages for you to play through.

If you are interested in seeing more of City Climber you can check out their freshly approved Steam Greenlight page, as well as the developer’s official website to learn more about the game. City Climbers is currently scheduled for a fourth quarter 2016 release date.

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