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1425650cookie-checkPolice Tactics: Imperio To Release September 7th For PC Via Steam

Police Tactics: Imperio To Release September 7th For PC Via Steam

Do you want to control the police and fight crime from a TPS perspective? If so, a new simulator named Police Tactics: Imperio is set to release on September 7th for PC via Steam.

If you are really into top-down simulators and seek to play the police against criminals in an intense showdown, publisher Astragon Entertainment and developer CyberphobX have you covered. In their latest game that’s about to hit Steam (not Early Access) tomorrow, you’ll be able to stop crime as a revered cop or a low-down dirty pig.

“In POLICE TACTICS: IMPERIO you start your career as an aspiring police chief in Newport Falls, a city that is dirty and corrupt to its core. You are responsible for upholding law and order. Coordinate the emergency vehicles and personnel of the municipal precinct and put a stop to crime.”

Putting an end to crime may sound easy on paper, but actual tactical protocols will need to be practiced before putting bozos behind bars. Learning streets and their names will play an essential part in your municipal duties, which also means working with the tough guys themselves to put down complex crime — the S.W.A.T.

Taking reports from civilians and paying attention to your surroundings will also help you catch crooks on the fly, which will lead to actual chase scenes if they get away.

According to the official description for Police Tactics: Imperio, playing as Harvey Croft won’t be easy as you’ll be filling the vacant office of the police chief. This is further explained in the two trailers below that share the same backdrop.

The first trailer comes in by YouTuber Feduk Andrey while the second video comes in by Astragon, that is for those who are curious about the up-loaders.

Anyways, Police Tactics: Imperio is set to debut on Steam September 7th for PC. For more info on this you can hit up to see what the devs are up to with the game.

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