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Postal Redux Free Update Adds 4-Player Co-op

Running With Scissors is unleashing a free update for Postal Redux, the HD-remaster of the original Postal that released on PC nearly two decades ago. The update will add an online cooperative mode to the game, allowing anywhere between two and four players join together online and go on a postal rampage. The update will go live on August 23rd for PC gamers.

The cool part about the co-op mode is that you can also play it even if you don’t have three friends to play the game with. The additional players can be commanded by some quick-as-a-tick bots to fill out your team to compensate for your lack of social skills and affability with real life human beings.

The four player co-op mode is available for all 17 levels, and they even included a brand new ending to unlock if you and your psychotic buddies are good enough to beat the game. To get a taste of the action you can check out the trailer below.

The Postal Dude comes in four flavorful but fitting colors, along with having name tags hovering above each violently-induced, gun-wielding avatar. The action is basically turned up to 10 as each player will be shooting, exploding and blasting the heads off any and everyone who gets in the way.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the free cooperative update, there’s also going to be a second free update that adds six remastered levels to the game, including ShantyTown, EZMart, La Palamino Resort, Earthquake, and two Japanese-exclusive levels set in Tokyo and Osaka. Supposedly the levels set in Japan will be making their worldwide debut for the very first time, so it’s not so much “remastered” levels as they’ll be brand new levels for many gamers.

Postal Redux is available right now for PC and you can pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store for $8.99.

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