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1415100cookie-checkProject SOCJUS Game Tests Citation Needler In New Video

Project SOCJUS Game Tests Citation Needler In New Video

Anomalous Game is still hard at work on the side-scrolling action game based on #GamerGate’s mascot, Vivian James. The team released a new video for the upcoming title, featuring a look at one of the weapons Vivian will have at her disposal: the Citation Needler.

The project is still currently in pre-alpha, but the team is slowly expanding the content to include new animations, weapons, and prototyping gameplay mechanics.

The Citation Needler demonstration can be viewed below. Check it out.

In a recent e-mail sent out by the developers, they mention that the Needler is an early game weapon with auto-aiming capabilities. In the video demonstration above Vivian has infinite ammo for testing purposes, but in the final game she’ll have to reload after so many shots.

The Citation Needler prevents Vivian from moving while shooting the weapon, so players will have to pick their shots wisely. The weapon was originally introduced over on the , where they a;sp detailed the Beam Saber and Railgun.

The Citation Needler is a parody of the fact that oftentimes when corrupt journalists claimed that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign, the individuals using the hashtag would say “Citation needed!”, since the journalists were making baseless claims with zero evidence to back up what they were saying. The same applied when people claimed #GamerGate was driving people out of their homes, or was some mass conspiracy by Stormfront to drive minorities and women out of gaming, the latter of which was alluded to by Patrick Klepek in a conspiracy-laden piece about the reasons why Allison Rapp – a former Nintendo employee who was allegedly moonlighting as an escort – was fired..

The Citation Needler weapon can be upgraded so that Vivian can use “Triggering” bullets, so that when asking for facts and citations, it triggers the SJWs and White Knights. This is not unlike in real life, whenever evidence or citations are asked for, the Anti-GG groups usually link back to Gawker, who has relied on blatant misinformation and lies to peddle the harassment campaign narrative, or they get triggered and block the person asking for evidence.

People supporting corrupt media and unethical journalism actually hate when they’re asked for evidence or citations, and thus they came up with the term “sea-lioning” as a means of saying that people asking for evidence or facts are subtle harassers.

It’s an unfortunate time we’re in where asking for evidence and facts equals harassment.

Nevertheless, Project SOCJUS appears to be coming along nicely, and the team appears to be inching their way toward completion. You can keep track of the game by hitting up the Anomalous Games tumblr page.

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