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Prominence Poker Launches For Free On Xbox One

505 Games and Pipeworks recently announced that their free-to-play poker game, Prominence Poker, has officially launched for the Xbox One. The game is currently still in Early Access on PC and will also launch later on for the PS4.

Prominence Poker sees players starting off in a city run by a criminal organizer named “The Mayor”. The objective is to play your way up the ranks by defeating the locals in backroom poker games and shady establishments where smoke fills the air and bluffs are your big ticket to a little bit of fortune and a tinge of fame. The game prides itself on an in-depth character creation system, giving players an opportunity to shape and mold their 3D avatar into something that stands out when they take their character online to battle against other players.

Lindsay Gupton, president of Pipeworks, commented in the press release about the game, stating…

“Prominence Poker presents a unique, unparalleled poker game experience with an engaging storyline, colorful cast of characters, and highly stylized, gritty environments,” […] “After two years of development, we’re excited to share the experience of high stakes, backroom poker with the Xbox community.”

The game’s free-to-play nature opens it up for anyone to step up, download a client and sit down into a chair as they battle it out against other players online. There’s a bluff-and-tell system that allows players to figure out when they should fold, when they should go all in, and when they should stay in the game.

Apparently Pipeworks is doing everything right proper because gamers are loving Prominence Poker on Steam even though it’s still in Early Access.

After having a short run in the Game Preview program, Prominence Poker is now fully available to download and play on the Xbox One. You can grab it right now by paying a visit to the Xbox store page. The free-to-play poker title does have microtransactions, and you can expect to see it launch in full later on for PC and PS4.

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