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Prominence Poker Xbox One Pre-Downloads Begin

505 Games and Pipeworks recently announced that their free-to-play, multiplayer poker game for PC and home consoles has entered into the pre-download phase for the Xbox One. You can begin to pre-load the game ahead of its official August 16th release.

Prominence Poker has been in Steam’s Early Access program since the middle of May, with the developers consistently rolling out new updates to move the game along in the development scene while also prepping for the release on home consoles. The latest update for Prominence Poker occurred back on July 22nd, where they rolled out some new daily events and improved the in-game user interface to make it more friendly and accessible.

The post over on Steam is a lengthy changelog containing a lot of the changes and updates they’ve made for Prominence Poker ahead of the August 16th release, including bug fixes for the challenges, more camera control during muck selection, proper display of REP rewards, and they added more translations.

As part of the launch for Prominence Poker, 505 Games have setup an opportunity for players to play against Max Pescatori, a four-time World Series of Poker champion through Xbox Live.

The full version of the game will appear first on the Xbox One, and Pipeworks has plans on fixing up the game and making the necessary adjustments so that it will launch in full on both the PC and the PlayStation 4 sometime later in 2016.

We don’t get many poker or billiard room style games for home consoles, heck we rarely get them for PC. It’s interesting that Pipeworks decided to take a more story-oriented approach with Prominence Poker by setting it in a seedy city ran by a crime organizer named “The Mayor”.

The game has a very distinctive visual look, one of grit and grime and corruption. They really captured the essence and personality of underground poker rings.

You can learn more about the game by hitting up the official website or you can pre-load the title now for the Xbox One from over on the Xbox Store, for free.

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