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1434850cookie-checkPSX 2016: Knack 2 Announced For PS4 With Improved Co-op

PSX 2016: Knack 2 Announced For PS4 With Improved Co-op

Knack was a typical launch-title game for the PS4. It featured a generic mascot suitable for all ages, beating up bad guys and trying to save the world. Knack wasn’t a particularly eventful game. The platforming was mediocre, the combat was samey and the level designs weren’t very inspired save for a couple of standout segments. Well, Sony is back at it again with a sequel to Knack, rightfully and simply called Knack 2.

One of the things they showcase in the new trailer that aired during this weekend’s PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California is the new and improved cooperative mode. While the first game offered co-op, the second game takes it to the next level, giving gamers more partner-oriented combat sequences, platforming puzzles to solve together, and other challenges to overcome where two minds (and two controllers) are obviously better than one. You can check out the trailer below.

A catchy disco tune overlays clips of Knack 2, where we see that the generically lovable hero returns with his different forms and abilities, including changing sizes and being able to shoot projectiles at enemies.

We get a brief segment where the two Knacks fire off a volley of attacks at enemies in the distance, while another scene shows the blue Knack freezing an enemy while the red one uses melee attacks to take them down.

The game’s trademark physics-based destruction mechanics make a return, with the dynamic duo running through a courtyard while destroying everything in their path. Brand new enemies, platforming segments and stages are briefly introduced into the trailer to give gamers a reason to be excited.

We don’t really get any details out of the trailer, though. They forfeit to mention a release date or release window but it’s likely that the game will have a 2017 date given that it looks pretty feature-complete based on the trailer and they showed off a bevy of levels for the game, indicating that it’s definitely far enough along in development for them to be comfortable enough to show so much.

Besides, the original Knack came out way back in 2013, so they’ve had plenty of time to iterate and evolve the original and turn it into something worthwhile in Knack 2.

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