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Psychic Isolation Explores Psychological Horror

Developer Thiefbug has released his new psychological horror game Psychic Isolation onto Steam Greenlight, along with a free playable demo.

Of course I downloaded the demo to test it out and I found it to be intriguing. Before getting into the story, I will first say that Psychic Isolation is made with the Unity engine and has pretty simple gameplay mechanics. You can walk, you can run, you can pick up and move objects, and you can slide heavier objects around to barricade doors to keep out anything that tries to do you harm.

Psychic Isolation will be broken down into episodic chapters, with the first chapter taking place at the main character’s house. The developer released a teaser trailer that lays out a bit of the story and shows a small bit of the gameplay.

This now brings us to the main plot of the game. You play as Finn, a young adult coming home after a week long vacation. After arriving back in Germany (apparently the protagonist’s home country), Finn ends up hitching a ride home after his parents fail to pick you up from the airport. That’s when the game starts with you arriving at the house and standing by the front door. Like most Unity Horror games, Psychic Isolation plays a lot like the Slender games and mostly takes place in your house.

In Psychic Isolation, you will walk around and collect a series of letters that your family left for you and that explains the events leading up to present time, while also looking for clues for what started the events. Although the game has a similar concept to the Slender series, I liked the concept that whatever is happening seems to be bigger than what we see inside the house. Is this happening all over the city? The country? The world? Or is the name a hint to the overall plot and it is all in your head?

I don’t want to give too much away because I think part of the charm with this game is discovering for yourself what is going, but I think the developer did a decent job in hooking the player’s interest. There is also a mode that you can play that removes all the Jump Scares and “horror” moments, but in my opinion that takes away from the game and the overall plot. From what I played, it didn’t actually have jump scares, more just scary moments as the “monster” (for lack of a better word to avoid spoilers) would come out to chase you.

Psychic Isolation isn’t out just yet and is currently looking for feedback from the community to fix errors with the game before it is officially released, so the developer is asking players to leave feedback and vote on their Steam Greenlight page and also download the game from the official website to test out the demo.

If you are a YouTuber and you like streaming content on Twitch or playing horror games, this one just might interest you and your followers. Last but not least, the developer will be holding a Kickstarter campaign soon to create more assets for future story episodes, and plans to release a new chapter every six months.

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