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QUBE 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Toxic Games and Trapped Nerve’s Q.U.B.E. 2 is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and on Steam for PC. The sequel to the original 2011 title features detailed graphics, more rooms, more elaborate puzzles, an actual narrative, and more open-ended ways of solving the puzzles. If you need help with any of it, there’s a gameplay walkthrough for Q.U.B.E. 2 to help you along the way.

YouTuber Defaltz has a completely gameplay walkthrough guide featuring the entire thing from start to finish, which you can check out below. You can actually beat Q.U.B.E. 2 in just two and a half hours.

When you start a new game a short cinematic will play. Four minutes in you’ll receive instructions on how to navigate the fortress, as well as what your mission is as Dr. Amelia Cross. Dr. Emma Sutcliffe will provide you with your main mission, which will be to reach the beacon to rendezvous with survivors, blow up the Q.U.B.E., and attempt to teleport back home.

The first five minutes or so is just walking through the structure and following the path until you go through a series of door lifts through a corridor.

You should reach the first tutorial sequence, which will teach you how to use the actuation suit to manipulate the cubes. Tap the left trigger to activate the white cubes in order to bounce on them.

QUBE 2 - Jump Pads

Proceed through the rooms using the blue jump pads to make your way into the next test chamber involving the right trigger. Use the right trigger to pull the cubes out from the wall and use them as a platform.

Alternate between jumping and pulling out the cubes to reach the alien machine and interact with it by pressing the right trigger.

You can alternate between red and blue effects on the suit by tapping the right bumper.

You’ll need to get up the platform and turn the platform blue so you can jump to the next platform.

In the next room, you’ll also need to turn the platforms blue so you can jump up and reach the door and head through so you can take the elevator up to Chapter 2: The Ropes.


For the first room just after you get off the lift, pull out one of the white cubes under the blue marker with the arrows pointing to the right. Go to the other side of the room and turn the white cube blue and jump up onto the orangish/red cube. Activate the blue forward sign to move the platform over and then get off the platform and head into the next room.

Pull out the orange platform, use the white cube on the ground to turn it blue and jump up to the orange platform. Use the blue arrow to raise the left and then turn to your right and turn the white cube blue. Jump off the cube to reach the next platform.

In the following room, move the arrow on the wall to the left and then pull out the bottom white block so that it’s orange. Turn the angled white block blue and then use the blue cube with the up arrow to raise the platform. Jump off the blue cube to reach the lift on the other side of the room and then move the platform over. Get off the lift and then lower the vertical wall. Make your way up the platform to reach the next level and complete the chapter.


Chapter 3: House of Leaves

You’ll need to first pull the white cube out of the wall using the orange/red glove. Have the cube sit directly under the green duplicator and then create a green gelatin cube. Retract the orange cube so that the green cube falls to the ground. Use it as a platform to reach the platform above and exit the room.

In the next room you’ll need to move the wall over to the right using the transport cube. Next, you’ll need to spawn a green cube and then turn the white cube underneath blue. This will cause the green cube to bounce. Next, move the wall back over to the left. Wait for the green cube to reach maximum height and then pull the middle cube out from the wall.


When the green cube rests on the protuberant orange cube. Go back up to the angled white cube at the back of the room and turn it blue. Proceed to jump over to the orange and green cube and use it to reach the exit.

In the next room, turn the first white cube blue and then press the green cube to open the door.

Through the door, move the transport cube to the left and then turn the middle cube blue – activate the green cube and it will fall and bounce off the blue cube, opening the next door.

Proceed through the door, and head over to the transport wall with the white cube. Turn it orange and pull it out. Go back into the previous room and turn the middle white cube that’s at a 45 degree angle, blue. Activate the green cube so that it drops down and bounces off the blue cube and flies over and lands onto the protuberant orange cube. Go back into the room with the green and orange cube and transport the wall over to the right.

Activate the white cube on the ground and turn it blue. Jump on it to hop onto the green cube and then make your way to the exit.

Use the white cubes on the ground to turn them blue so you can jump up and exit the room.

Move through the atrium and take the elevator to the next level.


Chapter 4: Lost in Transmission

Activate the machine to unlock the detachment function. You’ll now be able to cycle through to green colored cubes.

For the next puzzle, turn the middle white cube green and the cube just below that blue. On the other side of the room turn the middle cube orange and pull it out from the wall. Have a green cube bounce off the blue cube to land on the orange cube.

Proceed to use the blue cube to jump up and make your way onto the green cube and then climb up to reach the next platform.

The next room can be a bit tricky. You’ll need to create a green block using one of the top panels. Pull an orange cube from out of the middle panel. Use the green block to get on top of the orange block. Next, you’ll need to create another green block to stand on top of and then turn the block next to it blue. Jump up on the blue cube to launch yourself to the next platform.

After a short interlude, you’ll proceed into the next room where there is a blue laser grid. First, use the orange cube on the transport wall to bring it out as a platform.

So the objective is to turn the middle cube green and then the bottom cube blue. When the green cube bounces to the top, turn the white cube blue to force-bounce it over the laser grid.

Activate the white cube on the ground and turn it blue so you can bounce up to the next platform and exit the room. You’ll unlock the ability to delete cubes using Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller.

In the next room you’ll need to turn the very top white panel green and then use the panel just below that and turn it orange. Drop a green cube onto the orange platform.


Use the transport cube to move the orange and green cube over to the left. On the panel just below that, turn the white cube blue and then retract the orange cube so that the green cube falls, bounces off the blue cube, and opens the door into the next area.

Head up the platform, turn one of the angled panels green and then hop up on the block. Jump up and turn the panel blue to fly across the area onto the orange platform. Use the transport to move over to the exit platform to finish the stage.

Interact with the statue and then proceed to the lift.

QUBE 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 5: Tangled

Interact with the machine after a short cinematic plays. It will open one of the doors that will lead you to another lift.

The lift will take you down into a chamber with a bunch of cables connected to a power reactor.

You’ll need to use the panels on the ground to follow the cable around to the door on the first level that leads into another room that takes you to a lift that leads further down into the facility.

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