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1450290cookie-checkRail Theory, Resident Evil 4-Inspired Action Game Receives New Kickstarter Trailer

Rail Theory, Resident Evil 4-Inspired Action Game Receives New Kickstarter Trailer

Indie developers Tryconic Studios released a new trailer for their action-RPG inspired by Resident Evil 4 called Rail Theory. The new game utilizes a dynamic difficulty system based on player performance that generates from progressive statistics, along with enemies that are designed and procedurally put together from randomized components.

The game may sound a bit outlandish but they released a new trailer for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign set to go live on July 18th during the middle of the summer. You can check out the two and a half minute trailer below.

The game is obviously rough around the edges. The graphics look good but the animation system, AI behavior, movement, and combat all needs a lot of help. I suppose that’s why it’s heading to Kickstarter?

One thing that I do think they got right was making it where you can actually damage different body parts of the enemies. Shooting the legs out from them and causing them to fall is pretty cool, and having their body and health systems randomize could keep the game interesting for each of the encounters throughout the game.

Of course, they’ll really need to work on smoothing out the animations of the way the enemies move, and having the player character move more naturally. For an indie title it doesn’t look bad, but it still has a ways to go before it can compete with a lot of other games on the market, including other indie games currently on Early Access.

Gamesd like Roots of Insanity and Echo are trying to push the quality standards of indie games forward, so titles like Rail Theory will have to step it up if they want to compete.

If you’re interested in play-testing the game for yourself, you can check out a playable demo for Rail Theory right now ahead of the game’s Kickstarter release by downloading the demo from the official website.

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