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1415250cookie-checkRainbow Six: Siege Will Perma-Ban First Offense Cheaters

Rainbow Six: Siege Will Perma-Ban First Offense Cheaters

If you’ve been enjoying Rainbow Six: Siege but thought you could leverage your win/loss ratio by dabbling in the dark arts of cheating, you may want to quickly rethink that. According to a recent update over on the official Rainbow Six website, Ubisoft has revealed that they will be banning first-time offenders who are caught cheating.

Essentially, trying to use the excuse that your brother’s wife’s mother’s neighbor’s son took control of your account and cheated briefly while you were away is no longer going to fly with Ubisoft. They’re cracking down hard and heavy on anyone who they catch breaking the rules in an attempt to salvage what community they have left of Rainbow Six: Siege.

According to the post on the site, if you get caught after multiple reports, your account is done for. They write…

“Cheating/Modding/Hacking: Player is running a modified or otherwise unauthorized version of the game client or a third party software which provides any sort of unfair advantage (wallhacks, aimhacks…) or causing detriment to other players’ experience: Maximum penalty is permanent ban on first offense.”

They go through the process of what gamers should look out for when it comes to reporting, and that players should still be considerate of the fact that some players might just be really good when it comes to teamwork and reaction times. I don’t think there’s a better compliment for a top-tier player than to be called a cheater/hacker.

Since its release Rainbow Six: Siege has managed to come under fire for its hackers, the same with The Division. Gamers have been asking Ubisoft to deal with the hackers in a more efficient manner.

Ubisoft making this announcement right before E3 means they want to go into the trade show with some measure of positive PR on their side. They’ve been getting hammered lately in the hardcore community for fostering the downgrade culture that they’ve become known for over the past few years.

You can learn more about the new process Ubisoft is using to perma-ban by cheaters by checking out their FAQ page. The new perma-ban method for first-time offenders is being applied right now for Rainbow Six: Siege.

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