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1544320cookie-checkRainbow Skies 3D Retro RPG Heads To PS3, PS4, PS Vita On June 26th

Rainbow Skies 3D Retro RPG Heads To PS3, PS4, PS Vita On June 26th

SideQuest Studios and EastAsia Soft announced that their 3D isometric RPG, Rainbow Skies, will be available for the PlayStation brand of home consoles and portable devices starting June 26th next month.

The game is a throwback to classic isometric role-playing titles from back in the heyday when the PSX was the kind of the market. You’ll likely find that the presentation is very similar to classics like Breath of Fire IV, Eternal Eyes or Suikoden. The game even features many of the classic mechanics from the old-school era, with turn-based battle encounters, monster taming and mini-games.

According to CEO of SideQuest Studios, Marcus Pukropski, the team has been working on Rainbow Skies for the past five years. The small team has been dedicated in bringing the title to life in a polished enough fashion so that it meets the playability standards for PlayStation gamers.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below.

The turn-based battles are based on tactical grids, like old-school games such as Tactics Ogre or Bahamut Lagoon. You’ll need to tactically position your party and utilize various combat and magical skills to incapacitate and defeat enemies.

In addition to the exploration and combat, there’s also a lot of hidden treasure mini-games where you attempt to find rare loot sprinkled about the game world.

There are also a number of other miscellaneous mini-games, such as traveling around the world and fishing to unlock new gear. Much like Legend of Mana there’s also the ability to gather eggs from around the game world and breed your very own stable of monsters.

Additionally, if you have a PS Vita and a PS4 you can make use of the cross-save compatibility feature, so you can save your progress at home and then take it with you while you’re on the go with your PS Vita.

You can look for the game to launch on June 26th or visit the official website to learn more.

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