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Ray Gigant, Visual Novel Dungeon-Crawler Launches On Steam

Now here’s a concept that really seems to be picking up as of late: anime-influenced visual novels that are dungeon-crawling RPGs. Bandai Namco’s Ray Gigant has managed to launch on Steam for $29.99. For the first week of its availability you can get it for 40% off the normal purchasing price for only $17.99.

Published by Acttil, Ray Gigant is a Japanese visual novel with dungeon crawling and turn-based combat with striking visual effects and artistry. Players will assume the role of Ichiyawho, a mysterious fighter who is later joined in his journey by Kyle and Nil, with the latter two also having their own storyline that players can experience, too.

You can check out the trailer below to give you an idea of how the game is played and how the different perspective battle system is utilized in a turn-based environment.

These PS Vita games getting ported to PC must make a lot of fans very happy. This is easily one of the more vibrant and distinct titles out there, and the art looks phenomenal. It remind me just a tinge of Shin Megami Tensei at times.

Progress is made in the game by battling through the Megalosites, which work as the game’s dungeons. There are massive boss battles to be fought, secrets to unlock and special powers and abilities to harness.

Ray Gigant

The early reviews so far are quite positive and it’s likely that they will stay that way. For people who wanted something with a bit more grime and grunge to the dungeon crawling experience in their visual novels as opposed to the lighthearted affair in games like Sakura Dungeon, it’s possible you might find what you’re looking for in Ray Gigant. Heck, there’s even a bit of fan service there for those who want it.

If you missed the game on the PlayStation Vita and you want to get in some play time with the title on PC, you can check it out over on the Steam store right now.

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