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1449680cookie-checkReady Or Not, Hardcore Tactical Shooter Featuring Elite SWAT Coming 2018

Ready Or Not, Hardcore Tactical Shooter Featuring Elite SWAT Coming 2018

Void Interactive’s Ready or Not is a throwback to the old-school, classic, breach and clear tactical SWAT games of old. You know, stuff like SWAT 4 and the original Rainbow Six titles before they turned into generic shooter games.

The upcoming Ready or Not received a new trailer to help hype gamers up for the upcoming release. There’s a nice lathering of graphical goodness that you can check out with the trailer below, courtesy of YouTube outlet MathChief.

The trailer starts with a pan and scan of various weapons, gear and SWAT equipment. We see the door-breaching battering ram in action, followed by a look at a tactical insertion team with a bullet shield out front.

We get some slow shots of perps armed to the teeth, and we get another overhead shot of a poor fellow who is bleeding out on the ground like a 1990s action-flick where they had the balls to use squib packs filled with corn syrup as opposed to that bullscrap digitally edited blood they use in today’s films.

Ready or Not - Cinematic

We get a collection of other short scenarios involving perps tied up, hostages rescued, and human trafficking survivors are freed.

The official description gives the game a far more ominous, where it sounds like a breakdown in society has led to an escalation of crime, and an elite SWAT unit must take up the mantle to bring peace and justice back to the streets of America. There’s also some really striking visuals in that cinematic announce trailer that makes the game look legit.

Ready or Not – Penance

Ready or Not - Hostage

I wonder if Void Interactive will be able to translate that kind of pointed imagery into something we see throughout the actual gameplay?

Speaking of gameplay… an eight-player cooperative mode is present, along with a single-player mode, and PvP. The game will center around close-quarters combat with intense, realistic gun ballistics and police equipment.

I’m sure SJWs will probably have a seizure fit on their Tumblr blogs about this game, Ready or Not.

Anyone looking for a real good tactical shooter will definitely want to keep an eye out on this gem.

(Thanks for the news tip Hawk Hopper)

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