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1449610cookie-checkRealPolitiks Content Update Contains Mini-Scenarios For Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

RealPolitiks Content Update Contains Mini-Scenarios For Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

A new content patch rolling out at some point today, May 5th, for Jujubee’s Realpolitiks will contain all new mini-scenarios designed to test the wits and diplomatic abilities of players when it comes to global policies and – in this particular update – European monarchies.

According to the press release, the Polish developers announced that the new content update for Realpolitiks coincides with the release of the game’s retail edition in Central Europe, and thus they wanted those players to have something extra to sink their teeth into when they boot it up for the very first time.

The update is free for everyone who owns a legal copy of the game, so if you have Realpolitiks installed you should automatically see the update queued up in the client.

Igor Zieliński, the creative director of Realpolitiks commented in the press release about what the new content update contains, explaining…

“The upcoming update of the game will include additional mini-scenarios created specifically for Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. It will focus on integrating the Visegrad Group countries in opposition to the expansionary policy of Austria’s renaissance of the Habsburg monarchy. In these scenarios, there will be a series of events that, by mistake, will lead to a decision to build a Polish colony in the Caribbean – “San Escobar”, which will then become the subject of diplomatic competition between the United States and China.”

The Habsburgs Resurgency eng

The update will also fix some of the broken mechanics, bugs and glitches that people reported during the early launch of the game, so Jujubee has taken the necessary steps to optimize the game for players.

Additionally (and yes, there is more) they’ve also added two new gameplay features for players to utilize during the diplomatic conquest, including “Culture conversion” and “Renouncing territorial claims”. That seems oh-so-fitting for today’s rise of Cultural Marxists. I’m sure a bunch of people will be using the renouncing of territorial claims by culturally appropriating Marxists attempting erasure on established cultures.

It’ll be like simulating the real life conditions of Switzerland, France and Sweden in real-time within Realpolitiks.

Anyway, the update is available starting today. For more info on the game be sure to visit the Steam store page. Alternatively keep your eye on for the DRM-free launch of Realpolitiks.

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