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1425410cookie-checkReCore Gameplay Video Previews Combat And A Boss Fight

ReCore Gameplay Video Previews Combat And A Boss Fight

A new gameplay preview was released for the game ReCore, the soon-to-be-released third-person shooter for Xbox One and PC. The game is designed by Comcept and Amature Studio, featuring futuristic settings, lots of shooting, robotic pets and a lot of reflex-based combat.

The near 12-minute video showcasing the gameplay comes from YouTuber Nokzen, who gives gamers a thorough look at the combat and platforming in ReCore.

The combat and design reminds me a lot of older PS2 titles. It’s very Japanese.

If you enjoy games like Earth Defense Force or Vanquish, then you might ReCore to be right up your alley. There is a lot of non-stop combat based on what’s featured in the video above. I can’t say it’s entirely exciting, but it’s generically entertaining. You can double jump, jump dodge and and using a grapple device to open doors and take down enemy robots.

The rooms seem to be designed around the concept of battle arenas, where players will enter into an area and then face off against waves of enemies.

The various robot types can be used to help traverse the environment, giving players access to new areas and special secrets.

The video wraps up with a boss battle in a giant empty room. It’s one of those old-school, bullet-sponge bosses. So don’t expect a lot lever-switching, gadget-using and environment manipulating like in the Batman: Arkham boss fights.

ReCore was announced back in 2015 during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The game looked interesting based on the debut trailer, but here it just kind of comes across as a standard third-person shooter. The debut trailer kind of gave the impression that it was going to be a more methodical, story-oriented adventure, perhaps like Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Anyway, you can look to get your hands on a copy of ReCore starting September 13th, next week for the Xbox One or PC.

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