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ReCore Gets 30 Minute Free-Trial Demo

If you’ve been undecided about the third-person platform shooter from Armature Studios and Keiji Inafune, Microsoft is trying to make it easier to persuade gamers into making a purchase of ReCore by allowing them to taste 30 whole minutes of the game, free of charge.

Back in the 1990s demos were frequent; heck, it was hard to find a noteworthy game back then – especially on PC – that didn’t have a demo or a shareware version. These days demos are a rarity, an anomaly, an infrequent occurrence. Well, in the case of ReCore at least there’s a trial demo available for gamers on the Xbox One who wanted to play-test the game ahead of committing to a purchase.

The official ReCore Twitter account reminded gamers recently that the trial is available, right now.

The core game on PC and Xbox One costs $39.99. It’s a divergence from the typical $59.99 price point that most games carry.

Of course, Microsoft was liking exercising pricing prescience based on the quality design (or lack thereof) for ReCore because it has not been faring well with users or with critics when it comes to review scores.

There are complaints about frame-rate issues, complaints about the grind, complaints about the game being a mess after the three hour mark, and a feeling of a lack of polish to make a cohesive and worthwhile experience. Actually, the complaints aren’t too far off from the ones that Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 received. It kind of makes you wonder if it’s just the way he handles game design?

Nevertheless, you don’t lose a darn thing playing a free demo. And the trial for ReCore grants you access to the first half hour of the game, which is said to be the better parts of the game anyway. So if you want to check it out feel free to visit the official Microsoft store to get your hands on the demo.

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