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1435570cookie-checkRed Dead Redemption Can Be Played On PC Via PS Now

Red Dead Redemption Can Be Played On PC Via PS Now

If you missed it last week due to all the news that came out of the PlayStation Experience and the Game Awards, here’s a friendly reminder that you can play Red Dead Redemption right now on PC through PlayStation Now.

If you don’t mind paying $100 for an annual subscription or $9.99 for the first month after subscribing. They’re offering a seven day free trial as outlined on the PlayStation Blog.

Red Dead Redemption became available through PS Now back on December 6th, but it was kind of overlooked coming off a huge weekend due to announcements such as Capcom vs Marvel: Infinite and The Last of Us: Part II.

Even still, this was Sony and Rockstar’s way of trying to get gamers interested in PlayStation Now because they knew deep down that PC gamers have been begging for Red Dead Redemption since forever, and now that it’s available on PC through PS Now, it means gamers have to either pony up the $100 for an annual PS Now subscription, or sit on the sidelines and continue to wait for Red Dead Redemption 2, due out in 2017.

The likely reality is that Red Dead Redemption 2 won’t release on PC at launch but will likely arrive months (or maybe a year) later, just like with GTA IV and GTA V. This means Rockstar and Sony will have ample opportunity to peddle PS Now and get people to subscribe in order to play the open-world Westerner from 2010.

They released a video on YouTube promoting PS Now and gamers were having none of it.


A lot of people mention that they would have preferred if Sony offered real backwards compatibility like Microsoft. In that scenario, if you have Windows 10 and an Xbox One, you can play Red Dead Redemption via backwards compatibility and the Xbox app. It’ not ideal, but it sure beats having to pay $100 a year for a cloud streaming service where the content and gameplay could be regularly interrupted due to connection issues.

Anyway, if you’re so desperate to play Red Dead Redemption on PC via PS Now, you can do so… but you’ll have to pay an arm and leg if you want to get in more than seven free days worth of game time.

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