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1434840cookie-checkResident Evil 7 PC Demo Launches December 19th

Resident Evil 7 PC Demo Launches December 19th

This weekend may have been all about the PlayStation Experience for the most part, but there was also some news sprinkled into mill that PC gamers might find very thrilling. For instance, Capcom announced over on the Capcom Unity blog that a PC demo of Resident Evil 7 would be made available on December 19th.

Later this month gamers will be able to play test the game on PC and they plan on giving gamers plenty of options to mess around with. On the Steam page they list all of the different graphics options you can tweak, from the display mode and refresh rate, to the screen resolution, field of view, frame-rate, V-sync, and even the rendering method for the display output.

More detailed options include texture filtering, mesh quality, anti-aliasing, motion-blur, shadow options and bloom, just to name a few.

In addition to announcing news about the demo, they also released a new trailer as well to help illuminate more of the story behind Resident Evil 7 and its protagonists.

The trailer points toward Mia being dead for three years, except that’s not actually the case. Ethan goes to investigate in order to figure out what’s going on, only things aren’t quite what they seem when he finally gets to the plantation.

The more personal drama with limited enemies could make Resident Evil 7 one of the more captivating entries in the series. I’ve always wondered if you could get a full gameplay experience out of a horror title where there aren’t hundreds of minions to kill but instead just a limited amount of zombies/enemies to deal with. We do know that there will be varied monsters to fight, but they’ll be in short supply.

The PS4 demo is currently available right now, and the Xbox One demo for Resident Evil 7 will release later this week. The PC demo will be available two weeks from now.

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