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1414900cookie-checkRevelation Online: MMORPG Closed Beta Registration Opens For Western Players

Revelation Online: MMORPG Closed Beta Registration Opens For Western Players

Those interested in MMORPGs, announced the Western version of Netease’s Revelation Online. Developed by Pangu Studio, the team announced that folks in the West will now be able to look over Revelation Online’s beta registration by visiting

Like its original release, the Western version will be exclusive to PC and is currently in its open beta segment. If you’re not familiar with the MMORPG, the game features an open world that players can explore with mysterious powers. According to the game’s official description players can fly and swim in the land of Nuanor, while taming other species in the world.

Noted to hold cut-scenes throughout the solo story adventure, which offers different boss battles and quests to explore, the game will see players engaged in an immersive story throughout the play experience. Players can also take part in group raids with up to 20 different members in multi-phase battles.

Joining the story and massive world are character classes and creation options. Noted to incorporate different play styles, each class can help with supporting other characters and ruling combat with pure strength, or through magic and wits.

The latest English trailer below shows all of the aforesaid, and more. If you want to check out the two-minute long video trailer, you can view it below thanks to Revelation‘s YouTube channel.

Lastly, the combat in the MMO also features a PvP system that newcomers and hardcore players alike can participate in. This ranges from arena-style duels to bigger castle sieges, along with cross over server warfare.

If all of that seems interesting, western folks will now be able to try the game out while its Open Beta registration is still live. For more information regarding Pangu Studio and its MMO RPG, Revelation Online, you can head on over to to read over the sign up process and the requirements for the game.

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