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Riders Of Icarus Exarahn Badlands PvP Update Goes Live

Nexon and WeMade Entertainment announced that the update for Riders of Icarus called the Exarahn Badlands has gone live. The new expansion adds an all new large-scale PvP element to the mount-based MMORPG.

The update brings with it some brand new mounts for players to tame, capture, ride and turn into pets. Some of these new mounts are designed to be some of the best ever, including the new Nightmare and Profane Apocalypse, rare mounts that are so difficult to acquire that you may need to use some teammates to capture them. Along with the new mounts is a new region where players can participate in the new Manastone Battles, where it plays out a lot like capture the flag, with players having to bring the Manastone back to their base in order to wind the round.

The Militia faction allows players to join the militia if their guild rank is less than 3 but still want to participate in PvP bouts. Those who are guild rank 3 or higher can join a guild alliance, where players can fight to earn special buffs and rewards during guild events.

Riders of Icarus

The update arrives shortly after WeMade and Nexon released Riders of Icarus to the public in the West. The game has managed to find itself a sizable audience since release, with the free-to-play MMO capturing the attention of gamers thanks to the ability to capture and tame just about every monster in the game.

The combat wasn’t really up to my standards, but some gamers who don’t mind the kind of combat system they have in Riders of Icarus may find it entertaining.

If you’re a regular player of the game or you plan on getting back into the game for the PvP content, you can check out the Exarahn Badlands expansion right now. For more info feel free to visit the official Riders of Icarus website.

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