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1416220cookie-checkRising, Isometric Action Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Rising, Isometric Action Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Node Games Studio seeks to get its game Rising through Steam Greenlight. The action-packed, pixel hack-and-shooter takes on an isometric design, with lots of blood and killing. Slated for release on PC, Rising challenges players to eliminate hordes of enemies while maneuvering around stages to survive.

At first glance one might look at this game and think it looks pretty bad, but if you like games similar to Doom and isometric action games, then Rising is something worth checking out. This game is loaded with blood, explosions and killing hordes of demons, which also features deadly traps, too.

“Rising is an isometric pixel art fast paced action game, where you fight the forces of hell to drive them back from spreading corruption trough the land. The focus is on the non-stop action, continuous hordes of enemies will try to engage and take you out, but they will also fight each other if provoked!”

I can see where the devs got a lot of inspiration from Doom, enemies attacking each other, running through bases infused with hellish lands, and fighting an onslaught of enemies, sounds just like the classic FPS game. In fact, one of the devs is named Doom Guy, which furthers the inspiration behind the game.

One complaint that I do have about the game is that I wish the pixel or scaling of the art was bigger. Seeing the enemies (and player) being so small at times it becomes a bit hard to keep track of what’s going on. Anyways, you can check out its gameplay trailer below.

Moreover, the devs noted¬† that players will be able to pick from five different characters, although I don’t know if the five contain stats that will affect the gameplay. But something that will change up battles are the elements, which consist of fire, water, wind, earth and void damage. Each enemy is weak against one of the five types (or more) and looks to be applicable to swords and maybe guns, too.

As of now the devs don’t have an official site yet, but If you want to vote for Rising you can do so by heading over to Steam Greenlight, or you can learn more by heading over to the team’s Facebook page.

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