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1450250cookie-checkRising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta 7 Now Playable On PC

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta 7 Now Playable On PC

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta 7 is not only watchable via YouTube and other video media services, but the first-person tactical shooter is now available to play via two ways. Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games’ Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is set to release for PC during Q2 of 2017.

If you are looking to play an FPS Vietnam game for PC look no further. Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games just released the official Closed Beta 7 session for fans of the game and gamers alike to play right now. Previous Beta testers will find the game back in their Steam Libraries for the duration of the test, while new keys have been sent out to those who had not previously received one.

Before jumping into the two different ways on how to sign-up and join the Closed Beta 7 session, below lies a thank you note from the developers thanking the community:

“First, as a thank you for their willingness to help us test the game prior to launch, everybody who has activated a beta key has received the “Thanks For Testing” DLC which grants the “Born To Test” US helmet in game.


We also welcome all those who have pre-purchased the game to Wave 7! For many of you, this will be your first run through the jungles and city streets of Rising Storm 2. Thank you for joining us during these exciting times!”

If you are here to learn how to enter one of the two ways to play RS2:V you should check your email(s) to see whether or not you’ve received a key. Original mailing list participants are now eligible once again to receive a Beta key. The second way to join CB7 is to dish out around $20 bucks to pre-purchase the game.

I should note that for those using a Closed Beta key will find upon buying the game while a key is active will activate a warning message in the Steam Store about already owning a duplicate product. You can ignore this message, as the devs will remove the Closed Beta keys at the end of testing. The devs note that what will be left over stands to be the “Thanks For Testing DLC”.

Now that that is out of the way, actual gameplay footage by Slick Bee showing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta 7 sits below. You can find out more about RS2:V by hitting up Steam or

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