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1417730cookie-checkRoad Redemption Exits Early Access On October 15th; Launches On PS4, Xbox One Next Year

Road Redemption Exits Early Access On October 15th; Launches On PS4, Xbox One Next Year

If you remember EA’s take on bikers racing on the blacktops back in the early 1990’s called Road Rash and you enjoyed playing the game to no end, you might find the same joy in Dark Seas Interactive’s Road Redemption. The brutal racing game now sports a release date of October 15th for PC, and January 15th next year for PS4 and Xbox One.

I got to admit, although the game was in an early stage, about two years ago I got a chance to play Dark Seas Interactive’s Road Rash-like game and enjoyed the ridiculous amount of nonsensical racing fun. Using shotguns, grenade launchers, swords and other things to knock your opponents out of the league made the game all the more fun. I think what made it so enjoyable to play wasn’t that the game was overdone, but that it sorta captured the same essence thrills and excitement as the old Sega version of Road Rash.

Even though that’s my take on the game while it was in its early stage, the devs took to the game’s official site to announce that it will release for PC later this year, during October on the 15th. As for the PS4 and Xbox One, the release for said consoles will be delayed until next year on January 15th.

This now brings me to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The two older systems will no longer hold support for the hardcore racing game according to the official site:

“Development on PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have been indefinitely postponed.  Wii U development is being re-evaluated.”

The devs noted that they didn’t want to bring the game to every platform seeing how it could potentially hinder the product on release. The above information also couples with the game once being on Kickstarter, which has quite a bit of unfinished and shady games that release broken, so I can see why the devs want to release the game with a proper and legit launch on fewer platforms — seeing how that would free up more time for important features. Releasing on too many platforms (including the legacy ones) was part of what held up development for Mighty No. 9, also causing the game to undergo downgrades.

If the devs keep the base concept the same and add more to the mechanics and presentation, I think that they’ll have a nice modern day 3D version of EA’s old Road Rash ready for folks to dive into once more. For more information on Road Redemption you can visit

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