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1524230cookie-checkRoyal Blood, Gothic-MMORPG Enters Closed Beta Testing

Royal Blood, Gothic-MMORPG Enters Closed Beta Testing

Gamevil announced that their Gothic-themed, action-oriented, isometric MMORPG, Royal Blood, has entered into closed beta testing over on the Google Play store.

The game is themed around large-scale battles, including realm-vs-realm encounters where up to 70 players on each side face off in massive arenas in order to determine the victor.

The game features a handful of different character classes, including the typical loli-style mage, the hulking tank, and the gun-wielding DPS. Each character class is themed around the typical styles of MMO play, so you can pick a character that best suits your play-style.

You can check out the gameplay trailer to see what the features are like and how the characters control.

The actual gameplay is only on display for a limited amount of time, but it’s like a lot of other tap-to-fight games on mobile devices where you run around, battle foes, unleash combos and utilize your character’s abilities to unleash devastating attacks.

During the closed beta test there will be surveys that Gamevil will distribute, and by participating in the surveys you’ll be able to unlock Diamond Coupons, which you can then use to post user generated content within the realm-vs-realm mode, and an opportunity to earn actual Google Play gift cards.

The developers will also be testing the item trading capabilities, as well as other special leveling events set to take place during closed beta.

Now I know the typical mentality is that all mobile games are trash, but sometimes there are diamonds in the rough. I don’t know how well the South Korean-made Royal Blood holds up to classics like DarkEden, but if you were fixing to sate your desire for a Gothic MMO, you can give it a try by visiting the Google Play store in order to participate in the closed beta test.

The testing will run up until May 2nd, next month.

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