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Royal Blood, Gothic MMORPG Pre-Registration Comes With 300 Diamonds

Gamevil announced that the Gothic, realm-vs-realm, hack-and-slash MMORPG, Royal Blood, is prepping for release across mobile devices soon, and pre-registration has opened up for gamers the world around. You’ll be able to pre-register right now all the way up until June 5th. Those of you who pre-register before release will receive 300 free diamonds and 200,000 pieces of gold for your upgrades.

The game itself is themed around 70-vs-70 massive realm-vs-realm battles. Players will choose their character class, master their combat skills through an all new combat-stance system, and attempt to take control of the Gothic fantasy world.

You can check out the trailer below to get a better idea of what Royal Blood is all about.

Like most mobile games, Royal Blood is played in an isometric point of view, similar to hack-and-slash looters on PC, such as Diablo or Path of Exile.

There are four different character classes to choose from, including the Bard, Ranger, Warrior and the Mage. The Mage by far is likely going to be the most popular character. She has all the assets and abilities that the Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown had, with her physical attributes casting a spell on some gamers that allow them to instantly fell in love with her.

There’s also a very light character creation system involved, where you can modify the face type, the hair type, the hair colo and preview some of the equipment for the characters.

The options for the character creation is very, very limited, so don’t expect anything on the line of Black Desert Online for your character creation needs.

The actual gameplay is pretty fast-paced, though, and you’ll need quick reflexes to get through the combat. In between missions you’ll be treated to some classic high-quality South Korean CG art, with light use of live-2D animations.

You can pre-register to play Royal Blood right now by heading over to the official Gamevil website.

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