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1426700cookie-checkDiluvion, RPG Mixes 2D Action With 3D Exploration

Diluvion, RPG Mixes 2D Action With 3D Exploration

I know what you’re thinking after seeing Diluvion’s 2D design, another pretentious indie game? Well, Diluvion seeks to do something unique with its mechanics unlike other small 2D projects. The underwater action-adventure pirate game sees players uncovering a lost part of history, while traveling in both 2D and 3D.

Publisher Gambitious Digital and developer Arachnid Games latest project is not a 2.5D game, or a 2D game with 3D assets around the hand-drawn sprites. No, the game actually switches back and forth between 2D environments and characters to 3D environments and so on.

After seeing this in motion without the game having any problems and being made by a small team, I’ve got to say that the devs did a good job with mingling both dimensions.

But enough about the mechanics, those looking for a story will find one that revolves around the mystery of why everyone is under the deep oceans. You can catch the official description explaining Diluvion’s premise below:

“Forced into the deep oceans by a Great Flood that occurred countless centuries ago, humanity now lives trapped under a thick layer of unbreakable ice and their survival hangs by a tenuous thread. However, their penchant for perseverance is strong, and a new civilization has emerged with distinct kingdoms, religions and cultures. By a twist of fate you, an aspiring submarine captain, have been given the honor of commanding your first sub.”

The official trailers are up for those looking to get a nice peek at Diluvion. The first video by Gambitious Digital runs for two minutes, while the second video by Leo Dasso also runs for two minutes.

Hopefully the devs don’t follow in the footsteps of other Kickstarter devs who use the platform (during and afterwards) to scam people. If the devs act legit and improve Diluvion with more consistent features, I think they will be heading down the right path.

The game is expect to drop this Fall for PC. For more information on this project you can head on over to

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