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Rumors Point To Huawei Working On Watch 3

There are quite a few rumors, lots of talk, and plenty of news encircling Huawei’s smartwatches. One of the most recent news bits has to do with the company working on the future Watch 3.

According to Techradar, Huawei’s ( pronounced Wah-Way) CEO Richard Yu stated the company is in the process of working on a third smartwatch, but Yu stated the company is in no rush to launch the new watch soon, mainly because the Huawei Watch 2 is selling well.

Just to share a few of the rumors and talks that are circulating regarding the Huawei Watch 3, talk has it that Huawei has filed trademarks for the new watch, it seems the company may be working on three different variations of the next generation watch. The trademark description list three names for new watches – Unlimited, Voyage, and Anchor, suggesting there may be three different variations to the new watch. Another rumor has it that a Huawei wearable could have a space for Bluetooth earphones either in containers between the body and the strap, or built into the bottom of the strap. This design would make it easier to take calls and to listen to music as well.

LetsGoDigital reported that a recent patent for a Huawei smartwatch showed a display with sensors that can recognize gestures made on the back of your hand, whatever shape or letter was made would appear on the watch screen, this method would make it easier to write things using the smartwatch. It should be noted that many patents that have been trademark do not always make it to the public as final products. So we may or may not see this patent on the upcoming Watch 3.


Rumors point to the company possibly releasing the Watch 3 in 2019, and the price would be around $300.00.

Now moving on to the Huawei Watch 2 (2018) the wearable has been officially released this year but only in China.

According to Androidauthority the Watch 2 (2018) is said to be very similar to the Watch 2 with only slight upgrades being made to the Watch 2 (2018). One of the additions made is the eSIM variant, this will allow for the watch to connect to cellular data without having to put in a nano SIM into the watch. If the Watch 3 is releasing as the sources state, it’s not unlikely that the Watch 3 would have the same features.

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