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Rusty Lake Paradise Gameplay Walkthrough

Rusty Lake’s Rusty Lake Paradise is an odd adventure game that managed to take a small niche audience by storm thanks to its off-kilter art-style, thematically unique story, and its challenging puzzles. The game is centered around each of the 10 plagues of Egypt, and players must logically solve their way through the conundrums that each plague brings. If you need a bit of help, the developers actually uploaded their own gameplay walkthrough for Rusty Lake Paradise.

The 10 part gameplay walkthrough series for Rusty Lake Paradise can be viewed below, courtesy of the Rusty Lake YouTube channel.

First thing is first, for the plague where water turns into blood, scroll over to the right of the gate toward the little dingy and grab the machete and the fish hook.

Drag the box out from underneath the stern seat. Unlatch the box, open it and take the fishing wire. Leave the boat and then use the machete on the chayote, sitting by the shore side. Cut into pieces and then take the little worm inside.


Next, click on the bamboo trees and cut down one of them with the machete.

Give the bamboo to the dude standing on the rock, along with the fishing line, hook, and lastly, the worm.

He’ll fish out a crustacean. Take it off the hook.

Click on the door to Paradise and open the slots; give the man the shrimp.

Go over to the old lady and pull the long red booger out of her nose by keep clicking on her nose.

Travel through the forest by heading north and past the water pump towards the small shack with the totem in front.

Inside the house, the shrimp is on the plate; break it open and take the pod inside.

Click on the man and talk to him; he’ll say he’s thirsty. Take the jug out of the cabinet, head to the water pump, fill up the jug with blood. Go back through the forest toward the goat in front of the bucket. Pour the blood into the bucket for the goat and it will drink the bloody water. Take the pod off the goat’s tongue.

Pump more bloody water into the jug. Go back into the house and fill up your dad’s cup with the bloody water. Take the pod out of the whine glass and go over to the owl totem and place all the red pods into the totem. Retrieve the key from the mouth of the owl and use it to open the gate.

Rusty Lake Paradise - Lost memories

If you bring the specter its memories it says the lake will stop bleeding.

Head to the bubbling bloody part of the lake and a coffin will emerge. Take out all the nails on each corner of the coffin. A black box will be inside. Take the box out of the coffin.

Go inside the small structure with the winged box and place the black box inside and lower it into the well of blood.

Click on the glowing box in the painting and it will outline an area on the map. Click on it.

The Second Plague: Frogs

This will lead to the second plague… frogs.

Click on the right of the paradise gates and there will be a frog on a rock with three lily pads. Follow the pattern of the pads and move the frog in the directions of the highlighted pad that’s bright green.

The objective is to get to the end. You have to also land on each of the pads to make them disappear.

Go into Paradise and a man will eat a key.

Scroll over toward the lady with the frog on her head and click on the bowl.

At the 1:20 mark in the video above, it shows the pattern for completing the puzzle.

Take the frog that pops up from the bowl. Head inside the hut and take the candle and bowl. Head to the hut by the sea and take the wood pile and then go inside. Take the leather belt.

Click on the wooden night stand on the right side of the well.

Align the sun dial so that the two lines are facing directly west, while the two arrows form together to make a diamond, as pictured in the image below.


Open the stand and take the green frog flute inside.

Give the flute to the lady with the frog on her head.

Follow the patterns given by the frog – it’s a memory game. When the frog croaks, mimic the sounds using the frog flute by clicking them in a similar pattern.

Once you complete the segment you’ll get another frog.

Go to the man standing on the rock outside of Paradise and give him the leather belt. A frog will come out of his mouth. Take the frog.

Head back inside of Paradise and go into the shack. Put the wooden logs under the pot and give the old woman the four frogs by placing them in the stew.

Take the bowl and use it to scoop up some frog soup. Give the frog soup to the man who swallowed the key.

Give the man the bowl.

The man will regurgitate the frog soup and the key into the bowl.

Take the key.

Go into the forest and into the hut with the old woman. Use the key on the red box to unlock it. Take the black cube inside.

Head to the friary tower and place the black cube inside the golden winged relic.

The Third Plague: Gnats & Lice

In front of Paradise there are two rocks. Take the feather brush flyswatter from the left side and head inside Paradise. Navigate through the forest toward the old woman and give her the flyswatter.

Head inside the friary hut and take the scissors on the stool.

Also take the snail and the axe from the block of wood. Head inside the small house and give the woman with the red hair the pair of scissors.

Take the severed ear from the man and examine the map on his head.


Take the shovel and exit back into the forest. Go over to the front of Paradise’s entrance and dig up the ‘X’ spot on the ground with the shovel. Take out the box and solve the puzzle by rearranging the blocks so that the three blocks with holes are over the eyes.


There’s a flower bulb inside. Take it.

Go over to the rock on the right side of Paradise’s entrance and take the mussel from within the clam shell.

Hgead back into the forest and use the axe on the tree with the ‘X’ on it. After you cut it down head into the cave where the man says his blood sugar level is very low.

Use the axe on the white tree with the red ‘X’ on it. Birch sap will pour into the cup.

Take the cup and take the berries from the plant.

Head into the next screen, click on the beehive and click on the highlighted holes just as the bees are coming out. If you do it correctly then some honey will secrete out of the hive.

Take the honey and head back into the rocky area where the man with the low blood sugar is located.

Put the honey on the toast and the berries in the bowl. Place the sap into the cup.

Locusts will overwhelm the man.

Remove the locusts from the cocoon.

Take the flower bulb that pops out.

Exit back into the forest and go to the area with the clump of dirt. Use the shovel to take a piece of clay. Take the clay into the house and use it on the pottery wheel to shape the clay into the two images as depicted on the wall to the right.

Once you make the two vases, put the flower bulbs in the small pot located under the glass. The bulbs will sprout into full flowers.

Exit the house and go to the Venus fly traps. Place the snail in the far left mouth, place the gnats in the second from the left mouth, place the severed ear in the third from left mouth, and place the mussel in the last mouth.

A flower will sprout. Take it.

Head back into the rocky area where the cocoon is located. Place the two vases on the pedestals under the painting.

Place the three flowers inside the vases – the orange flower goes into the far left pot, while the rose goes in the middle.

Locusts will blot out the eyes of Caroline Eilander.

A black cube will appear. Click on the cube and take it back to the friary hut by the cliff side.

Go inside and place the black cube inside of the winged box.

The Fourth Plague: Flies

Head back inside of Paradise toward the rocky area where the carapace is located. Click on it and the man will emerge as a human-fly hybrid. David Cronenberg would be proud.

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