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RyujiNX Nintendo Switch Emulator Can Now Boot Up Super Mario Odyssey

It looks like the Nintendo Switch’s days are already numbered. Emulation programmers have already begun work on the RyujiNX Switch emulator, which has been able to boot up one of the Switch’s most popular games, Super Mario Odyssey.

A video was recently uploaded by YouTuber Bahax Emulation, showcasing the boot up menu for Super Mario Odyssey.

As you can see, the video is sped up by five times the normal rate, and even then the game is booting up at 1fps.

By the time the menu appears, the emulation slows down to a crawl at 0fps.

This is all thanks to the work done by the hackers who managed to break through the Switch’s hardware and create some homebrew through an exploit in firmware 3.0.0. Since then, crackers and hackers have been hard at work on getting into the Switch’s inner guts and working on establishing emulators.

Back in April the RyujiNX was capable of booting up The Binding of Isaac and running the game at 2fps. Fast forward to two months later and now the RyujiNX is booting up Super Mario Odyssey and getting into the main menu at anywhere between 0fps and 1fps running on an i7 2600 with 16GB of DDR3 on a Zotac GTX 1070 with 8GB of RAM.

It’s early goings right now but it appears as if there is some good headway being made on the Nintendo Switch emulation scene, which will soon allow gamers to bypass even getting a Switch and simply running the games on their PC.

For titles that rely on HD Rumble, the IR interface and the touchscreen, things may get a bit more difficult, but I’m sure there will be hacks to work around those problems.

You can grab a copy of the RyujiNX emulator right now from the official website.

Keep in mind that compatibility is low right now, but it will start to pick up with future updates, just like the Cemu.

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