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1422910cookie-checkSausage Sports Club, Multiplayer Party Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Sausage Sports Club, Multiplayer Party Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Developers Luckshot Games has created a cute looking multiplayer party game that features some very interesting looking animals, in their new indie game, Sausage Sports Club.

The art style and colorful graphics is what grabbed my attention with this game while I was browsing through the games on Steam Greenlight. The banner art made it appear like it would be another meme based throw-away game that no one would care about, but upon watching the first trailer I quickly saw the charm and potential for where Sausage Sports Club was going with this game.

The main theme is to bash your opponents using your over sized heads to knock your enemies around to fight your way to victory.

Sausage Sports Club 2

Currently there are five game modes for you to compete in, such as:

Paint, where you hit a giant paint ball to change it to your own color so that it can roll around and paint the entire stage to your character’s color to win.
Soccer, where you have to get the ball into the goal to score points.
Sumo, a game mode where you knock your opponents into a pit of spikes.
Coins, a game mode where you bash your opponent to knock coins out of them and the player that collects the most wins.
And last but not least, Capture the Flag, where you steal your rival team’s flag and attempt to bring it back to your home base.

The developer released a gameplay trailer to showcase the game, I linked the video down below so you can see a few of the characters and how the game modes work.

Of course, Sausage Sports Club  will feature both local party play, as well as online multiplayer so you can play with your family and friends. The creator for Sausage Sports Club is currently running a Kickstarter campaign where they plan to gain more funds for the game to pay off expenses, add in more levels, new characters and of course more character customization options.

If you would like to see Sausage Sports Club come to Steam, you can visit their Steam Greenlight page for more information about the game.

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