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1423520cookie-checkSeasons After Fall, Beautiful Hand-Painted Platformer Launches Sept 2nd On Steam

Seasons After Fall, Beautiful Hand-Painted Platformer Launches Sept 2nd On Steam

After years of being in development, making appearances at various trade shows and gaining a small following in the process, Swing Swing Submarine’s Seasons After Fall will finally launch in two week’s time on Steam starting September 2nd.

The game will likely make an appearance at this year’s GamesCom, as it’s done in prior years, with the developers and Focus Home Interactive giving gamers a glimpse at the gorgeously designed world of the side-scrolling puzzle game.

Players assume the role of a fox as it harnesses the power to manipulate the seasons and unleash magic to help in progressing through the adventure. Players will need to use the magical power of changing seasons to affect things like freezing waterfalls or using the power of summer to make fauna and plants grow.

You can get a small taste of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below, which is rather old but pertinent enough.

The beautifully hand-painted environments really come to life. This isn’t another indie, 8-bit sprite game cashing in on the nostalgia craze or trying to swindle the interest of gamers by rekindling the fond memories of the SNES and Genesis. This is a game that really springs to life thanks to Swing Swing Submarine’s distinctive take on the seasons, and the player’s ability to harness those powers and change the atmosphere around them.

The switches between the different seasons coupled with the puzzle-oriented platforming reminds me of a mix of Dust and Sonic The Hedgehog. Actually, technically the gameplay seems more reminiscent of Disney Interactive’s Mickey & Donald In World of Illusion.

Seasons After Fall

The game was originally due for release in 2015 but I’m guessing development hit a snag? Anyway, I hope the final game maintains that kind of chamber folk music; it has a kind of a Gypsy vibe to it.

Once again. you can look for Seasons After Fall to launch in two weeks on September 2nd. For more info you can either visit the Steam store page or the official website.

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