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1546940cookie-checkSerious Sam 4: Planet Badass New Screenshots Arrive

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass New Screenshots Arrive

The series that kicked-off a new two decade-long run that is Serious Sam can be traced all the way back to the early 21st century or 2001 to be exact, and it looks like the series will continue with developer Croteam at the helm of things — joined by publisher Devolver Digital — with Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. The upcoming game is set to hit PC via Steam and has new screenshots.

Having played all of the main Serious Sam games, besides Serious Sam 2, has my interest piqued in what Planet Badass has in store for the games market. Time will surely tell what Devolver Digital and Croteam have planned, but the ongoing first-person shooter series filled with whacky stuff has a new batch of stills up.

The images that sit below contain our hero, Sam, in action; a new enemy type, Doom’s Baron of Hell cousin, Khnum; the ugly one-eyed Gnaar, and the Beheaded Kamikaze. Oddly, though, the screens don’t have the obnoxious chain-ball throwing Kleer? Anyway, you can look them over right here.

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Sick of looking at screenshots? Well, there’s good news in that you can read over a newly posted description regarding Planet Badass‘ gameplay design:

“Developed by true shooter veterans in Croteam, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass reignites the classic series by improving on the old-school formula. Enjoy the high-adrenaline action combat with an unbelievably destructible arsenal and experience Sam’s iconic enemy-annihilating circle-strafing and backpedaling dance-routine on an even bigger scale.”

Staying on the topic of gameplay, the same concept of fighting and exploring will still be in this game. However, environments are populated with optional objectives, the usual secrets, and deadly traps. Linear experiences are still nestled in this Serious Sam’s DNA for those who like a more paved experience.

Vehicles and companions — like Rodriguez, Jones, Hellfire and the rest of the crew — will join Sam in this upcoming journey. If that sounds like fun, you can take a look at the April teaser trailer if you have no clue as to what this game looks like or you can hit up Planet BadassSteam page for more info.

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