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Skyrim Mods Add New Followers, Places And Wild Penguins

There are some new mods out for Skyrim that add commands to keep followers with you; new and remastered locations to discover, and wild penguins. The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim is out now for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The first mod on the list is by modder Mfeile1974. This mod brings a new follower named Erinna – The Nord Barbarian. At this moment she doesn’t support CBBE, but if you want to find Erinna you can catch her around Rorikstead – Frost Fruit Inn. You can download this mod over on NexusMods.


The next mod baffles me, but wild penguins seem to be in high demand. You can read the note by modder Jokerine below that explains where you can find the wild penguins:

“I’ve just placed some penguins around the coast. There are three small rookeries where they hang out, found somewhere between Dawnstar and Windhelm.”

You can either watch the wild penguins thanks to Darkfox127, or you can get the mod by heading over to Nexusmods.

The third mod by modder Kursan adds a fully working Inn. Innkeeper Vorathyn Doraal offers food, while his sister, Nalayra, runs a general store. This mod offers up two followers at the Inn, Tarin Duskwood and Signe Swiftblade.

You can also marry the brother or sister, and you can move in with either of the two. Speaking of settling down with a companion, both Duskwood and Swiftblade can be romanced too.

A video sits below showing the Inn mod, courtesy of Sinitar Gaming. As for downloading this mod you can hit up NexusMods.

Once again modder Mfeile1974 brings even more followers to the table with the mod Rivenera’s Followers. These three female companions support CBBE and sport voices. You can view all three in the image folder, or you get them on NexusMods.

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Another mod that is available for Skyrim is entitled “Get Over Here”. This mod cuts down on having to open up console commands to teleport stray followers back. Instead this mod provides an easy list that adds/removes NPCs, cycles current NPCs, and places all or select NPCs to a designated location. You can get modder Utopia’s mod on NexusMods.

This now brings us to the last mod on this list, which comes in by modder Skyrimlazz. This mod remasters Ayleid Palace as seen below.


It’s worth noting that you need to uninstall the Alternative Location mod if you want the Ayleid Palace Remastered mod. You can get this mod over on NexusMods.

The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim is out now for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and will soon be available for PS4 and Xbox One later this month. You can learn more about Skyrim and mods coming to consoles over on

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