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1428360cookie-checkSmash + Grab Enters Early Access On Steam With MMO PvP Action

Smash + Grab Enters Early Access On Steam With MMO PvP Action

United Front Games have moved on from the Sleeping Dogs era of their proclivity and decided to take up a completely different game called Smash + Grab. The new MMO PvP title has entered into Early Access on Steam, offering gamers an early look at what they have in store for the title.

Unlike most other MMOs out there, Smash + Grab is not free-to-play. There’s a $19.99 entry fee to buy-to-own but during the first week of being on sale you can grab a copy for 15% off.

The concept of the game is like a mix between APB: Reloaded, State of Emergency and The Warriors. Two teams of five will duke it out, smashing and grabbing loot from nearby stores while battling in mostly melee combat against rivals.

You can see 11 minutes worth of annoying gameplay from YouTuber GoonGaming.

The melee combat and attacks actually look pretty good. Instead of being fast-paced and lightning fast like a lot other melee-focused games out there (such as Dynasty Warriors), the combat is a lot more methodical and visceral. They designed it so you can feel each hit connect.

It’s about time someone followed up on a game like The Warriors… it’s a shame that it took a decade.

Much like APB: Reloaded, players can equip and customize their character with gear to give them the look and feel that best suits their play-style.

The game also borrows elements from CrimeCraft, enabling players to win rounds, loot gear, craft new items and make new weapon mods.

If this sounds like a game you might be interested in, you can keep an eye on it as it goes through the Early Access process – with United Front Games expecting it to exit Early Access in about six month’s time – or you can go ahead and dive in by picking up a copy from the Steam store.

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