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Standby, Energetic Platformer Demo Available For Download

Developer Noclip and publisher HypeTrain Digital released two new trailers for a hyperactive, energetic new side-scrolling platformer called Standby. The game sees players blazing through levels at lightning-speeds, bouncing off walls and dodging obstacles on their way toward the finish line. The developers announced that a demo is currently available for the game.

Standby features more than 50 levels to complete, along with an additional Speedrun Mode and a global leaderboard in order to track and keep pace with some of the fastest players in the world. All of this is stapled onto an electronic soundtrack and coupled with additional collectibles for some added replay values. You can check out the first promo trailer below.

Okay, they’re definitely right about the soundtrack in the press release being cool. The teaser track used in the trailer above sounded sweet.

Of course, the teaser promo did nothing to actually showcase live gameplay. Thankfully they did offer up a second gameplay trailer specifically showcasing what gamers can look forward to from Standby. Check it out below.

The gameplay is a little hard to follow at times and it’s pretty zoomed out from the action, but that’s likely to help give players a sense of speed and scale of how quickly they’ll move through the levels.

Also, that beat drop at the 13 second mark? Colossal.

They’re marketing the game as a hardcore platformer with minimalistic art and head-bob worthy music. Whether or not Standby can manage to standout from all the other indie titles on Steam is a whole other story but at least they’re letting gamers know that the title is coming sometime soon this fall.

If a game like Standby has managed to catch your fancy and you’re interested in adding it to your library at some point, you can get ahead of the curve by checking out the Steam store page right now and putting it on your wishlist. You can alternatively get your hands on a free demo from the store page as well to see if it fits your liking.

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